Membership FAQs

The Bobcat Club Annual Scholarship fund allows MSU to bring in hardworking student-athletes each year, helping to cover their tuition and fees, room and board, and books and supplies. On top of that, we make sure they have access to academic help when they need it, doctors and nutrition specialists, gear and equipment to perform, insurance, and funds to travel to competitions. Finally, the fund helps us add and maintain the proper staff to enhance our basic department operations. All of this is what’s needed to fully support our student-athletes so that they can compete to win.

For every year that you contribute to the Annual Scholarship Fund, you’re a member of the Bobcat Club. Whether you’ve donated just $25 dollars, purchased a football season ticket or given an endowment, you’re part of the club and are eligible to receive benefits based on how much you give.

Benefits of giving to the Bobcat Club range from season and post-season ticket purchasing priority to Bobcat Club swag. At the highest levels, Bobcat Club members can purchase gold (reserved) parking passes, receive pre-game sideline passes to football games and access to VIP events and experiences. Learn more about what you can earn at every level by visiting our Annual Membership Levels and Benefits page.

The Bobcat Club Annual Scholarship Fund is the only sports fundraising organization at MSU in which all funds go toward student-athlete scholarships. While other organizations may use the funds raised to supplement recruiting costs, tech upgrades, or whatever the program deems necessary, the Bobcat Club focuses solely on scholarships. For us, it’s all about the student-athletes.

When you donate to the Bobcat Club Annual Scholarship Fund, the money is used to fund student-athlete scholarships across all sports. You cannot select which sport you prefer to donate to within the Bobcat Club. However, there are sport-specific fundraising organizations you can donate to as an alternative. Learn more about these on the Sport Specific Giving page.

Yes. When you purchase a football season ticket, a portion of your fee is a contribution to the Bobcat Annual Scholarship Fund. That contribution goes towards your overall amount of giving to the Bobcat Club, which indicates your level of membership. Visit the Season Tickets page to learn more about contributions through football season tickets.

No. Purchasing a Bobcat Club license plate is a great, low-cost way to support the Bobcat Club Annual Scholarship Fund and show your pride, but it does not add to your overall amount of giving that indicates your membership level.

Every contribution to the Bobcat Club Annual Scholarship Fund supports just that… scholarships. Your gift provides our 350+ student-athletes with the resources they need to succeed on and off the court of competition.

If your contribution to the Bobcat Club is tied to your football or basketball season tickets, it is not considered tax-deductible. However, anything above your required amount, or anything you give at a different time in the year, is tax-deductible! As always, we recommend you speak with your tax professional on any specific questions.

The payment for your tickets supports the Athletics operating budget and is processed by us. Your required seat contribution to the Bobcat Club Annual Scholarship Fund directly supports scholarships and is processed by the MSU Alumni Foundation.

You can visit the ‘tailgating and parking’ section of this website for details and availability.

To inquire about availability in the club levels, or to be placed on the waitlist for a suite or cabana, please contact the Bobcat Club.

Of course! All it takes to be a member of the Bobcat Club Annual Scholarship Fund is to make a donation of any amount each year.

Current priority point rankings are sent via email several times a year. Your priority point ranking determines access priority for playoff games, select away games, and more.