There are several ways to give

What is the Bobcat Club Annual Scholarship Fund?

The Montana State University’s Bobcat Club Annual Scholarship Fund raises money to provide critically important funding for athletic scholarships. 

Where Does My Contribution Go?

The money raised by the Bobcat Club Annual Scholarship Fund is used to fund scholarships for Montana State University student-athletes.  The total cost of a scholarship, which includes tuition, fees, room, and board for an in-state student-athlete is $17,750* and $34,900* for an out of state student-athlete.  Educational expenses continue to rise, and your support is important and appreciated as it allows us to recruit the finest athletes and coaches so that we may compete at the highest levels. 

*Based on the 2017/18 Montana State University Undergraduate Cost of Attendance 

Help Us Close the Gap!

$797,819  was pulled from the athletic department’s operating budget to fully fund our student-athlete scholarships.  We need your help and ask you to please consider increasing your annual support to the Bobcat Club. 

Tax Deductibility

Previously, the IRS had determined that donations made to the Bobcat Club were 80% tax-deductible.  As of December 2017, this is no longer the case as the majority of Bobcat Club supporters receive some benefit in the form of priority seating opportunities. If you are not purchasing football season tickets, you may request that you receive “no benefit” in exchange for your donation. Please consult with your tax advisor to determine the tax deductibility of your gift and retain all gift receipts for your records.

Important note: All Bobcat Club support tied to football priority seating and parking privileges for the upcoming season must be received by May 1, 2018.

Other Ways to Support Bobcat Student-Athletes

Bobcat Club License Plate*

$30 from every plate benefits the Bobcat Club Annual Scholarship Fund and provides student-athlete scholarships.  

*Please note, donations made to the Bobcat Club license plate do not increase your level of support to the Bobcat Club and will not count towards priority seating for football season tickets. 


An endowed scholarship provides a lasting stream of income because the MSU Alumni Foundation holds the gift in perpetuity, investing the principal and using a portion of the annual return to fund student-athlete scholarships. For additional information, please contact Casey Fox, or (406) 994-5707.

Important note: A 4% return of the total amount of the endowment will count towards the  needed to purchase season football tickets and secure parking privileges.   Please plan accordingly.


Total cost of student-athlete scholarships


Fee waivers granted Bobcat Athletics by the state of Montana


Funds raised by the Bobcat Club in 2017